Timeless Corals Guarantee Policy

We offer a 3 day guarantee on all retail coral purchases. In the event that a coral arrived DOA or dies within 3 days of delivery contact us via email with pictures of the deceased animal.

*In The event one or multiple of your corals does not stay alive for 3 days we will issue a STORE CREDIT ONLY for the deceased animal.

*We DO NOT cover any shipping costs on DOA CORALS. In order to reship for free an additional $225 must be spent on top of the credit being issued. If you would like to use your credit without making an additonal purchase of $225 a shipping cost of $45 must be paid prior to shipping your replacement corals.

*When replacing DOA Corals- If the same coral is not available a similar or like coral will be sent to replace the DOA coral. If there are no similar corals available a credit will be offered in the amount of the paid for price.

*We offer NO REFUNDS! No refunds will be offered on any coral purchases! Cancelled orders will be offered a store credit good for one year.

*DOA Corals will be credited one time only. We do not offer multiple replacement corals.

*We reserve the right to void our guarantee in the event that a customer has non reef safe fish or if the customers paramaters are not within recomended ranges.

*Please do not--- Discard deceased corals, remove corals from plugs, refuse the coral shipment from UPS.

*For DOA Corals please make sure to send clear accurate white light photos showing damage or a dead coral.

*Any WHOLESALE purchase is only covered by an arrive alive guarantee. Our DOA policy does not cover Wholesale or bulk discounted purchases.